Day 1

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The coat of arms of Gdansk

  • transfer from the airport or ferry terminal
  • check in at the hotel
  • lunch
  • Oliwa – walking tour in the historical district:

  Old Oliwa Market Square

  Plague House

–   Oliwa Park

  Abbot’s Palace

  coffee break

  optionally the Modern Art Museum

–   optionally the palm house

  Oliwa Cathedral

–   organ concert

  • return to the hotel
  • dinner
  • spa treatments

Accommodation in a historical manor house


Lunch and dinner – manor house cuisine


Coffee and pastry in a lovely scenery of Oliwa Park

Organ concert

Organ concert


Oliwa Park – the history of the park begins in 15th century. Originally it was a monastic garden set up by Cistercians. The present shape was created in 18th century. The park is well known in Poland for a picturesque formal French garden that is situated in front of Abbot’s Palace. Tunnels formed from trees are welcoming visitors for a walk, the charming pond encourages to stay for a while and rest. The Grottoes of Whispers are teasing love-struck couples to confessions. A historical alley of lime trees, Chinese-Japanese garden with plenty of various ponds and the palm house also attract visitors. During the sightseeing of Oliwa Park it is recommended to visit also the Oliwa Cathedral with the impressive organ.

Day 2

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Rekowo Gorne – Slawotowko – Rzucewo

The coat of arms of Kashubia

  • transfer Rekowo Gorne
  • Wieniawa Palace
  • lunch
  • yoga or relaxation in spa
  • transfer to Slawotowko
  • Below Palace
  • coffee break
  • transfer to Rzucewo
  • Jan III Sobieski Castle
  • check in at the hotel
  • sport activities
  • dinner
  • disco until morning

Accommodation in castle chambers


Lunch in Wieniawa Palace


Formal dinner in Jan III Sobieski Castle with a chamber concert

Yoga or relaxation in spa in Wieniawa Palace


Spa treatments

Sport activities in Rzucewo

Bike trip or horse riding in the area

Tennis and volleyball courts are for the disposal of the guests

Sport activities


Rzucewo – the village as well as the palace belonged to many landowners during the ages, but the most famous and the most important person connected with this place was Jan III Sobieski (John III Sobieski) – one of the most distinguished kings of Poland. The family of the king were the possessors of Rzucewo and as the legend says the king with his own hands planted the trees in the magnificent lime trees alley. Present palace was built in the shape of a Gothic castle by the von Below family. It is an extraordinarily beautiful and undoubtedly evocative place. The castle is located on the Puck Bay shore and surrounded by a historic park.


The name of The Below Palace in Slawotowko comes from the Prussian line von Below who lived in the palace from XIX century to World War II. Unfortunately the history of the house ended in a tragic way. The whole family was killed by the Soviet Army after denouncement from a maid employed in the palace. The von Below family was respected by locals and that is why the informer’s fate also was not ended happily. She was stoned by the villagers. You can learn more about the history of the palace from White Lady who haunts the house, if you visit this charming place …

Day 3

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North Kashubia

The coat of arms of KrokowaThe coat of arms of Gniewino

  • transfer to Krokowa
  • castle in Krokowa
  • transfer to Prusewo
  • Three Oaks Palace in Prusewo
  • lunch
  • transfer to Bychowo
  • palace in Bychowo
  • transfer to Salino
  • manor house in Salino
  • transfer to Gniewino
  • sport activities
  • transfer to Lisewo
  • Lisewo Palace
  • dinner
  • disco or dancing with life music

Lunch in Three Oaks Palace in Prusewo


Dinner and accommodation in Lisewo Palace

Active relaxation in Gniewino

swimming pool or games in the sport complex where football team from Spain was training during UEFA European Championship Euro 2012

Sport activities

Evening dancing party



Manor house in Salino – a unique example of a house belonging to Polish minor landed gentry from 18th century. The house has two bowers on both sides (corner rooms sticking out from the main part) and is built of timber framing. A gambrel roof is thatched.


The exhibition in Krokowa Castle presents history of von Krockow house which was the owner of the landed estate from 13th century to World War II.

The park surrounding Krokowa Castle was painstakingly renovated thanks to help of von Krockow family who lives in Germany now. The shape of the park from before World War II was restored also thanks to family collection – photos and post cards.

Day 4

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Sasino – Stilo – Godetowo – Lezno – Gdansk

  • transfer to Sasino
  • Sasino Palace
  • coffee break
  • cycling trip to the beach


  • sightseeing of the Stilo lighthouse
  • transfer to Godetowo
  • palace in Godetowo
  • lunch
  • transfer to Lezno
  • palace in Lezno
  • dinner
  • transfer to Gdansk
  • accommodation and spa treatments

Accommodation and spa treatments in a historic manor house in Oliwa


Spa treatments

Lunch in Godetowo Palace


Dinner in Lezno Palace


It was in Godetowo Palace that the first theatre in Pomerania was set up (in 1784). Actors performing in plays as well as the audience were locals.


Palace in Lezno was occupied by Soviet army in 1945. Soviet soldiers were plundering everything that was possible to take and destroying the rest. The post-war period was not a prosperous period for the palace – there were located State Agricultural Farm offices and flats of the workers. The palace recovered its distinction in 1990s. Today the palace has regained its beauty and charm.

Day 5



  • transfer to the airport or ferry terminal
  • meals

from 360 € per person*

*for 50-person group. The price includes accommodation in double rooms, meals, guided tours, guide assistance, bus transfers, twofold admission to swimming pool and saunas area as well as other admissions. The price does not include spa treatments, optional sport activities and transport to and from Gdansk.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 50 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


+48 796-096-431


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  • ferry or ship cruise
  • horse riding
  • knowledge
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  • canoeing rally
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  • attractions for kids
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  • amusement park
  • workshops or team building
  • car rental
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  • relax
  • fishing
  • walking tour
  • diving
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  • RIB
  • narrow-gauge railway
  • surfing
  • adventure park
  • bungee jumping
  • go-karts
  • golf
  • off-roading
  • zip-line
  • shotting range or paintball
  • quads

Group tour package – the most beautiful palaces, manor houses, parks and gardens in north Poland.  Variety of activities – yoga, spa, horse riding, cycling, games. Elaborate food.