Day 1



Gdansk - the coat of arms

  • transfer from the airport or ferry terminal
  • check in at the hotel
  • meals

Hotel in Gdansk in the Main City


Day 2

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Wdzydze Kiszewskie – Gdansk

Kashubia - the coat of arms

  • transfer to Wdzydze Kiszewskie
  • Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie
  • lunch
  • spare time
  • return to Gdansk
  • dinner
  • accommodation

Lunch in a historical inn in the open-air museum


Dinner – beer feast with music live


The Kashubian Ethnographic Park area is 22 ha. It is Poland’s oldest open-air museum, founded in 1906. The museum depicts life of Kashubian and Kociewie village inhabitants between the 17th and the middle of 20th century. It consists of 49 objects of folk architecture – peasant and noble farmhouses, huts and manor houses, inns, a school, churches, windmills, a smithy and a sawmill.

Day 3

hotelbusmealswalking tournaturemonumentsknowledgeattractions for kids

‘The Chequered Land’ – Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park

  • departure from Gdansk
  • ‘The Chequered Land’:

Albrecht’s Farm (No. 8) in Swolowo


Museum of Slovinic Region in Kluki

  • lunch
  • Slowinski National Park – Polish Sahara
  • dinner
  • return to Gdansk
  • accommodation

Tasting of homemade beer brewed with the use of traditional Slovinic recipes

Tasting of beer

Slovinic regional own made dishes for lunch


Dinner – game dishes


‘The Chequered Land’ – the name derived from typical farmhouses built of timber framing. This kind of development was distinctive for prosperous Pomeranian houses from the beginning of 19th century. ‘The Chequered Land’ was inhabited by Slovincians – a relict population of Kashubians. Currently it is a home for descendants of post-war displaced persons from other part of Poland and Ukraine.


Capital of ‘The Chequered Land’, acknowledged as European Village of Cultural Heritage.


Slowinski National Park is called Polish Sahara. The highest dune which is Lacka Hill is elevated about 40 m above sea level. Its height vary depending on the season and wind direction.

Day 4

hotelbusmealsnarrow-gauge railwaywalking tournaturemonumentsknowledgerelaxattractions for kids

Nowy Dwor Gdanski – Zulawy (delta area of Vistula) – Vistula Spit

Nowy Dwor Gdanski - the coat of arms

  • transfer to Nowy Dwor Gdanski
  • Zulawskie Museum, short stroll by the town
  • excursion by narrow-gauge railway to Rybina
  • port of call in Cyganek

Chata Zulawska – the old hut representative for the local architecture

Cemetery of 11 Villages and gothic-baroque church

– lunch

  • sightseeing of Rybina

railway swing bridge

pump house

  • transit by bus to Jantar
  • relaxation on the beach
  • return to Gdansk
  • dinner
  • accommodation

Lunch – regional delicacies


Dinner – Dutch cuisine

Excursion by narrow-gauge railway

Excursion by narrow-gauge railway


The Vistula Spit – this is a huge sandy dune. Its height in some parts exceeds 30 m. The Vistula Spit separates The Vistula Lagoon and Zulawy from Gdansk Bay. The eastern part belongs to Russian Federation. The localities of the spit were formerly small Kashubian fishing villages, today are popular resorts.


A small village called Jantar is proclaimed as the capital of Polish Amber Coast. The name comes from an Old Polish word for amber. It is said that exactly in this locality the sea washes out large quantities of amber and therefore this is a perfect place for amber hunting. Especially after storms, there is a big chance to find large and small nuggets among tiny shells and pieces of wood. The finals of World Championship in Amber Hunting take place in Jantar. If you don’t find your own nugget of amber you can take a bath in the sea or catch the sun on the beautiful, virgin, sandy beach.

Zulawski Historical Park in Nowy Dwor Gdanski. Folk tour – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Cittaslow International


The Zulawski Historical Park in Nowy Dwor Gdanski is the most interesting exhibition in Pomerania devoted to the Mennonites – a religious Anabaptist minority in the Netherlands. After having experienced persecutions in the Netherlands the community decided to leave the country. The Mennonites resettled Zulawy and found there their new home.

Day 5

hotelbusmealscruisewalking tournaturemonumentsknowledgerelaxattractions for kids


Hel - the coat of arms

  • cruise to Hel
  • walking tour in Hel:

Wiejska Street


timber framing, piscatorial cottages from the cusp of XVIII and XIX century

  • lunch
  • Fishery Museum
  • beach
  • return by ship or train
  • dinner and accommodation in Gdansk

Lunch in Hel – fish of the morning catch


Dinner in Gdansk – Kashubian feast – folk music live

Cruise to Hel

Cruise to Hel

The villages situated on the Hel Peninsula were small Kashubian fishing villages in the past. Today they are considered the nicest bathing resorts on the coast. The shoal South of the peninsula and winds blowing often here make this area the ideal place for windsurfers.

The narrowest place in Hel Peninsula is only 150 m wide.

Day 6

hotelbusmealswalking tournaturemonumentsknowledgerelaxattractions for kids

Kashubia – Sopot

Gniewino - the coat of armsSopot - the coat of arms

  • transfer to Gniewino

– ‘Kashubian Eye’ – viewing platform

  • Nadole:

heritage park – Puck Regional Museum

– Zarnowieckie Lake

  • Salino – manor house
  • transfer to Wierzchucino
  • lunch
  • Debki – beach
  • transfer to Sopot
  • dinner
  • return to Gdansk


Kashubian dishes in an old watermill


Dinner in Sopot


The heritage park in Nadole – a 19th century farm with original equipment.


Zarnowieckie Lake – the place where Zarnowiec Nuclear Power Plant was being built. The construction works were halted after Chernobyl catastrophe. Nowadays the dispute on the necessity of such an investment in the country has been revived. One of the locations currently considered for the plant is the abandoned construction site.


Wide beaches with tiny, clear, white sand and Piasnica meadows – full of birds  are not the only advantages of a small seaside village – Debki. There is also the biggest and currently the most popular nudist beach in Poland.

Day 7

hotelbusmealswalking tournaturemonumentsknowledgerelaxattractions for kids

Kartuzy – Szymbark

Kartuzy - the coat of arms

  • transfer to Kartuzy

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary collegiate church

Kashubian Museum

  • transfer to Szymbark

The Regional Centre of Eductation and Promotion

  • lunch
  • return to Gdansk
  • dinner
  • accommodation

Lunch in Szymbark

Tasting beer from the local brewery


Traditional Gdansk dishes for dinner

Goldwasser tasting

Goldwasser tasting


 famous Gdansk vodka with flakes of pure gold

Beer tasting

Tasting beer from the local brewery in Szymbark


The upside down cottage is the biggest attraction of Szymbark Centre. The house is an allegory of the modern world where the value system is ‘turned upside down’. Regardless of the message, children love the cottage.


Carthusians’ monastic church built between 1383 and 1405. It has characteristic roof in the shape of coffin.

Day 8



  • transfer to the airport or ferry terminal
  • meals

from 600 € per person*

* for 50-person group. The price includes accommodation in a double room in a 3-star hotel in Gdansk, meals, guided tour, guide assistance, bus transits, cruise, excursion by narrow-gauge railway and admissions. The price does not include transport to and from Gdansk.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 50 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


+48 796-096-431


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  • ferry or ship cruise
  • horse riding
  • knowledge
  • shopping
  • bus transfer
  • canoeing rally
  • monuments
  • art
  • attractions for kids
  • meals
  • amusement park
  • workshops or team building
  • car rental
  • plane
  • bike trips
  • swimming pool
  • active
  • relax
  • fishing
  • walking tour
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  • surfing
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  • go-karts
  • golf
  • off-roading
  • zip-line
  • shotting range or paintball
  • quads

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