Day 1

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The coat of arms of Sopot

  • transfer from the airport or ferry terminal
  • check in at the hotel
  • walking tour in Sopot
  • meals
  • spa treatments

Luxury spa hotel in Sopot


Amber spa – body and face massage with real ambers

Spa treatments

Day 2

hotelmealsbuswalking tourmonumentsknowledgeworkshops or team buildingshoppingspa treatmentsrelaxswimming pool

Gdansk – Sopot

The coat of arms of Gdansk

  • transfer to Gdansk
  • Amber Museum
  • walking tour through the Royal Way and the Long Quay
  • visit in an amber studio
  • lunch
  • Archaeological Museum – ‘With Amber Through Ages’ exhibition
  • walking tour in Mariacka street
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • St. Bridget Church
  • dinner
  • return to the hotel
  • spa treatments

Lunch – Polish cuisine


Dinner – Kashubian feast

Regional specialities,

folk music concert


Amber Museum in Gdansk located in the Great Mill – the most interesting exhibition in Pomerania presents origin, acquiring and processing of amber, a lot of historic and modern amber works of art and jewellery. Original arrangement in a gothic interior supported with modern multimedia is undoubtedly one of assets of this fascinating museum.


Mariacka street – a nice, narrow street which it is often regarded as the most beautiful in Gdansk. You can find here plenty of small amber shops and studios.

Amber cutting show

Amber wokshops


‘With Amber Through Ages’ is name of an exhibition in the Archaeological Museum – the first in post-war Poland exhibition presenting amber in the nature and in the archaeology. You can find there exhibits derived from famous pre-war collection of Natural and Archaeological Museum. The Amber Route as well as some archaeological findings from there are also presented.


Amber Altar in St. Bridget Church – it is supposed to be the biggest piece of art made of amber in the world – much bigger than the Amber Room. These days it is possible to see a central part of the altar and interesting elements of the structure as well as some sculptures. In addition to the altar there are also other modern amber pieces of art. The Amber Altar is an ex-voto given by Gdansk amber artists for Poland’s liberation gained after events in 1980 and 1989.

Day 3

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Malbork – Pruszcz Gdanski – Sopot

The coat of arms of MalborkThe coat of arms of Pruszcz Gdanski

  • transfer to Malbork
  • Castle Museum in Malbork – the amber exhibition
  • lunch
  • transfer to Pruszcz Gdanski
  • Faktoria’ – Trading Post of Amber Route
  • return to Sopot
  • dinner
  • return to the hotel

Lunch – medieval feast in the Teutonic Castle


Pirate dinner with cruise on Bay of Gdansk


Trading Post of Amber Route in Pruszcz Gdanski – reconstruction of Amber Route trading post from Roman times. Numerous events and workshops for kids are organised on the spot.


Medieval Teutonic Castle in Malbork – the former capital of the Teutonic Order, one of the greatest monuments in Poland. The sightseeing of the castle can bring lasting impression, but for amber lovers there is especial attraction. It is an exhibition presenting objects made of amber from prehistoric periods to the presence. The best represented designs date back to 17th and 18th century. You can find there examples of folk art, Polish modern designs as well as natural exhibits.

Amber liquor. Amber tours – Hit The Road Travel


Amber liquor – amber is a germicide. The amber liquor is suitable for drinking as well as to rubbing. It is used as a supplement in rheumatism, bronchitis, pneumonia, fever, migraine treatments.

Day 4

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Gdansk – Sobieszewo – Vistula Spit – Sopot

  • transfer to Gdansk
  • Inclusions in Amber Museum in Gdansk


  • football stadium ‘Amber Arena’
  • transfer to Sobieszewo Island
  • lunch
  • river crossing by ferry to Vistula Spit
  • Jantar – the capital of amber
  • walking tour along the beach to Stegna and amber hunting
  • relaxation on the beach
  • return by narrow-gauge railway to Jantar
  • return by bus to Gdansk
  • dinner
  • transfer to the hotel
  • chill out in spa area

Lunch – fish of a morning catch


Dinner – beer feast

Live music

Opening the barrels of beer


Sobieszewo Island is called the Treasure Island because of opulence of amber. A virgin, sandy beach is covered with amber especially after storms. There are two bird reserves: ‘Seagull’s Backwater’ and ‘Avian Paradise’. You can spot here over 300 bird species and rare maritime plants.


Inclusions in Amber Museum – the second biggest collection of inclusions in amber in Poland – over 4500 nuggets with over 12000 animalistic inclusions.


Small village Jantar is proclaimed as the capital of the Polish Amber Coast. The name comes from an Old Polish word for amber. It is said that exactly in this locality, the sea washes out large quantities of amber, and therefor this is a perfect place for amber hunting. Especially after storms, there is a big chance to find large and small nuggets among tiny shells and pieces of wood. The finals of World Championship in Amber Hunting take place in Jantar. If you don’t find your own nugget of amber you can take a bath in the sea or catch the sun on the beautiful, virgin, sandy beach.

Excursion by narrow-gauge railway to Jantar

Excursion by narrow-gauge railway to Jantar


‘Amber Arena’ – a football stadium, built for the occasion of UEFA European  Championship EURO 2012. It is called ‘Amber Arena’ because of its colour and regarded as the most beautiful stadium in Poland.

Day 5



  • transfer to the airport or ferry terminal
  • meals

from 360 € per person*

*for 50-person group. The price includes accommodation in a double room in a 3-star hotel in Sopot, meals, guided tours, guide assistance, bus transits, cruise and admissions. The price does not include spa treatments and transport to and from Sopot.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 50 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


+48 796-096-431


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  • canoeing rally
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  • attractions for kids
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  • workshops or team building
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  • bungee jumping
  • go-karts
  • golf
  • off-roading
  • zip-line
  • shotting range or paintball
  • quads

Amber tours of Gdansk, Sopot and Malbork. Discover Polish amber coast, visit Amber Museum, try amber spa, see amber cutting, find your own amber nugget on the beach.