Day 1

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The coat of arms of Sopot

  • transfer from the airport or ferry terminal
  • check in at the hotel
  • lunch
  • walking tour in Sopot:

– Monte Cassino Street (Bohaterow Monte Cassino)

– pier and Spa Square (Plac Zdrojowy)

– ‘Crooked Little House’ (Krzywy Domek)

  • dinner
  • return to the hotel

Hotel in Sopot – icon of luxury and design


Lunch – fish of a morning catch


Dinner at the pier


Per Oscar Gustav Dahlberg – Swedish painter, who lives in Sopot. His pictures of Sopot were inspiration for building the ‘Crooked Little House’.


The biggest attraction of the city. It is built entirely of wood. It stretches out into the waters of Gdansk Bay for almost half a kilometre.

Day 2

hotelbusmealswalking tourmonumentsknowledgeartspa treatmentsrelaxswimming pool

Gdynia – Sopot

The coat of arms of Gdynia

  • transfer to Gdynia
  • modernistic architecture in Gdynia – walking tour, mini-museum in modernistic townhouse
  • infobox
  • lunch
  • Skwer Kosciuszki (Kosciuszko Plaza), Molo Południowe (South Pier)
  • Centrum Designu Gdynia (Gdynia Design Centre)
  • return to Sopot
  • Opera Lesna (The Forest Opera)
  • Zatoka Sztuki (The Bay of Art)
  • dinner
  • return to hotel

Lunch – fusion cuisine


Dinner & art in one


The oldest music festival in Poland. In communism period it was supposed to be the answer for Eurovision Contest for East Europe and ‘window to the world’. It is still very popular in Poland. Traditionally, it have place in located on the edge of Tri-City Landscape Park – Forest Opera.


In the interwar period, the new town was built on the spot of small village called Gdynia. Gdynia is among few cities in the world where the whole centre is built in one modernistic architecture style. The town was called ‘White City’ because of the colour of townhouses, which details are connected with images of ocean liners.

Day 3

hotelbusmealswalking tourartmonumentsknowledgespa treatmentsrelaxswimming pool

Gdansk – Sopot

  • transfer to Gdansk
  • Amber Museum
  • walking tour through Royal Way and Long Quay
  • lunch
  • visit in amber studio
  • stroll through Mariacka street
  • Galeria Starych Zabawek (Old Toys Gallery)
  • dinner
  • return to Sopot
  • spa treatments
  • return to the hotel

Lunch in the atmosphere of Polish People’s Republic


Dinner – the modern look of Polish cuisine

Amber Museum in Gdansk. Group travel tour – Hit The Road Travel


Amber Museum in Gdansk is located in the Prison Gate and is the most interesting exhibition in Pomerania presenting origin, extraction and processing of amber. There are a lot of historic and modern amber works of art and jewellery. Original arrangement in gothic interior supported with modern multimedia is undoubtedly one of assets of this fascinating museum.


Galeria Starych Zabawek (Old Toys Gallery) – Polish toys exhibition. The oldest ones were made in the interwar period. The biggest part of the collection dates back to Polish People’s Republic period.


Mariacka street – this picturesque street is often regarded as the most beautiful in Gdansk. You can find here plenty of small amber shops and studios.

Amber cutting show


Day 4

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Gdansk – Sopot

The coat of arms of Gdansk

  • transfer to Gdansk centre
  • football stadium ‘Amber Arena’
  • lunch
  • National Museum
  • return to Sopot
  • dinner
  • return to hotel
  • spa treatments

Lunch on the stadium


Dinner during the cruise on Gdansk Bay

Amber spa – body and face massage with real ambers

Spa treatments


‘Amber Arena’ – football stadium built to accommodate the UEFA European Championship EURO 2012. It is called ‘Amber Arena’ because of its colour and regarded as the most beautiful stadium in Poland.

Day 5

hotelbusmealswalking tourmonumentsknowledgeartrelaxspa treatmentswimming pool

Gdansk – Sopot

  • transfer to Gdansk
  • European Solidarity Centre
  • lunch
  • sightseeing of the ‘Imperial Gdansk Shipyard’ former area
  • Alternativa
  • transfer to Sopot
  • National Art Gallery
  • dinner
  • return to hotel
  • spa treatments

Lunch in the area of Gdansk Shipyard


Dinner in a health resort


European Solidarity Centre – modern, multimedia museum devoted to the Solidarity and the process of liberation of Poland as well as other countries of Eastern Bloc from the jackboot of communism. ESC building architecture, although a little bit controversial, is undoubtedly a new icon of Gdansk.


Alternativa is searching new ways for arts and their social functions. It was organized in the area of Gdansk Shipyard. The programme consists of international art exhibitions, artistic events, literature issues and meetings with artists.

Day 6

hotelbusmealswalking tourmonumentsknowledgeartrelaxspa treatmentsswimming pool

Slupsk – Sopot

The coat of arms of Sopot

  • transfer to Slupsk
  • lunch
  • Ducal Castle, Witkacy Museum
  • walking tour in Slupsk
  • transfer to Sopot
  • dinner
  • return to hotel
  • relaxation in spa centre

Lunch in Slupsk


Formal parting dinner


Polish painter, photographer, novelist, dramatist and philosopher. His most famous masterpieces as well as the most controversial of all his art are the portraits. He was painting them being on influence of various drugs, what is described on each painting. It naturally had an impact on the style of portrayals – from naturalism, through caricature to so-called Pure Form i.e. absolute abstraction and discretion of the form.

Exemplary descriptions on portraits:

  • FBZ – cigarette without puffing,
  • FZZ – cigarette with puffing,
  • NP 12 – without smoking for 12 days,
  • pyfko – one small beer

Day 7



  • meals
  • transfer to the airport or ferry terminal

from 530 EURO per person*

*for 50-person group. The price includes accommodation in a double room in a 3-star hotel in Sopot, meals, guided tours, pilot assistance, bus transfers, admissions. The price does not include spa treatments and transport to and from Sopot.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 50 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


+48 796-096-431


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  • go-karts
  • golf
  • off-roading
  • zip-line
  • shotting range or paintball
  • quads

Group travel tour to Gdansk and Sopot. The trip for people who are interested in culture in Poland, Polish artwork, design and architecture.